Mithila Ballal

Mithila Ballal (November 8-14)

Mithila Ballal, a dancer trained in Bharathanatyam, creates a personal piece about grief using movement, writing, found objects etc. to create a video of the process.

Mithila Ballal is a trained Bharathanatyam dancer since the age of 4 She has had the opportunity to learn various dance forms from multiple teachers and Gurus. She has performed on various platforms across India, USA and Canada. She has also won various awards for her performances. Her passion and love for dance led her to pursue her Masters in Dance/Movement Therapy and Mental Health Counselling at Lesley University, Cambridge, USA.  

She began teaching dance to children when she was in India and then continued to teach and choreograph dances in USA. She moved to Canada in 2013. In 2014, she began teaching dance, both Bharathanatyam and Bollywood to children and adults. In February 2019, she named her dance school- “Ukti-  Centre for Movement and Arts”. 

She is currently a board member of Public Energy. She is part of a creative artist residency, Common Collective Thread which would be showcased around Fall 2020- Spring 2021. Apart from being a dance instructor, she is also a Registered Psychotherapist and Dance/Movement Therapist. Mithila works with various populations with mental health issues- autism, trauma, anxiety, depression, grief. 

As a psychotherapist, it has been wonderful to reach out to so many different community resources in Peterborough and provide therapy. It has been a challenge to work as a dance/movement therapist sometimes due to the judgement that comes around the word ‘dance’. It has been important for her as a therapist to break it down to simple terms that “breathing is movement”.