Workshop : Intro to Stage Management

The Theatre on King is proud to present the first of its workshops on theatre tech: Intro to Stage Management. Led by Esther Vincent, this is an outstanding opportunity to learn from one of the best theatre techs this city has to offer.
What does a stage manager do? Behind the scenes, off stage, in the booth and invisible to the audience, the stage manager has the onerous task of making sure a performance happens without a hitch. The stage manager’s work starts well before the first rehearsal helping the director with the initial planning and scheduling and the tasks continue throughout the rehearsal process, production week and performances. All the while the stage manager has to be a helpful, friendly problem solver for everyone involved in the production. It’s also necessary to know a little something about every aspect of theatre from script work to lighting, from set design and costumes to front of house. This short introduction to stage management will give you a primer on what skills are needed and how to gain them.