Workshop: Stagecraft Series 1 – 4

CrackerJack #6

Dazzle Ships

The Impossible 16mm Film Collection

Crime City: If At First You Don’t Succeed, Spy, Spy Again!



Double Feature: Monstrandum corpus hominis

Three One Act Plays by Gerstenberg

CrackerJack #7

Crime City #5: Better Safe Than Sorry!


CrackerJack #8

Crime City #6: Stop The Presses! I Want to Get Off!

Mel Malarkey Gets the Bum’s Rush 2016


The PILL improv group

CrackerJack #9

Beckett: Catastrophe, What Where, and Come and Go

Crime City #7: Beyond a Reasonable Scout!

Beckett: End Game



CrackerJack #10

Beckett: Krapp’s Last Tape

Workshop: Jillian Christmas

Beckett: Waiting for Godot

Crime City #8: Flowers for Automaton!


The Blind Eye 2016

Word Play Cabaret – June 8/9

CrackerJack #11

One in a Million

Crime City #9: Season 1 Finale


Mystery Science Night #1: Hamlet

Lip Synch Battle #1

Mystery Science Night #2: Mitchell

Lip Synch Battle #2: Duets & Groups

Mystery Science Night #3: Horrors of Spider Island

Fin de Fiesta’s Audacia

Joy of Bob # 2 – Aug 29


Insurrection + Tootah in Fixing by Doing

Workshop: Intro to Tap Dance with Di Latchford


They Fight

Workshop: Drama Queens and lgbtq2 theatre

Simon’s Silver Screenings: The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari

Crime City #10: The Poisoned Teacup!

Joy of Bob – Sept 27


The Makers of Madness

The Bald Soprano 2016

Max’s Cabaret 2016: That Happen Here

Simon’s Silver Screenings: Nosferatu

Crime City: The Haunting of Camp Adventure!


Murder on McDonnel 2016

Crime City: Dr Lady Pilot!

A Certain Place: The Bernie Martin Festival

A Certain Place: One Act Plays I

A Certain Place: Songwriting in the Round

A Certain Place: One Act Plays II

A Certain Place: Words on Fire

A Certain Place: Bernie Martin + Faltan Mas

A Certain Place: Regional Artmaking: Myth+Reality

Murder on McDonnel 2016

A Certain Place: Opening Reception

A Certain Place: Weekend at Bernie Martin’s

A Certain Place: Wordplay Cabaret Bernie Remixed

A Certain Place: Spoken Word – Transforming Trauma to Resilience through Narrative

A Certain Place: Film Workshops Showcase

A Certain Place: Dark Passage

A Certain Place: Remembering Bernie

A Certain Place: Myrmidon



small dance for a small space – 2016

Nut. Cracker. 2016