Workshop: Stagecraft Series 1 – 4

Workshop: Stagecraft Series 1 – 4

Stagecraft Series Workshops #1: Stage Combat Basics with Kenn Gibb
January 18

Fleshy Thud and TTOK are pleased to welcome back Kenn Gibb and Without a Scratch for an upcoming workshop, Stage Combat Basics. Kenn Gibb and Without a Scratch is offering a vigorous workshop designed to introduce techniques from a wide spectrum of traditional disciplines with a stylised focus for the stage and screen actor.
This series is designed to broaden our knowledge and familiarity of fundamental skills, introduce new and intriguing techniques, and strengthen our abilities in order to further enhance our theatrical experiences.
Drinking water, appropriate footwear and comfortable clothing is encouraged.

Thanks to the City of Peterborough for funding assistance for this workshop series.

Stagecraft Series Workshops #2: Theatre Tech Basics with Ryan Kerr
December 14

Theatre Tech Basics with Ryan Kerr. In this workshop, the basics of theatre tech will be explored: from lighting instruments to lighting boards, backstage personnel and responsibilities, choosing a play, creating a schedule, and all the bits and pieces that go on behind the scenes.
About the Instructor:
Ryan Kerr is currently the technical director of Public Energy and the artistic director of Fleshy Thud and The Theatre on King with almost 30 years of technical theatre experience.

Stagecraft Series Workshop #3: Improv Basics with Linda Kash
January 4

The Theatre on King is happy to bring back Linda Kash for the third in our Stagecraft Series: For the Love of Spontaneity (Improv Basics). This workshop involves various improvisational games, both written and on your feet, that incorporate trust and confidence building, collaboration, idea sharing, and risk taking. The atmosphere is fun, relaxed, and very unpretentious. The goal is to create a sense of play. No previous experience is necessary. You can watch or you can participate. But don’t miss it. It’s a great time, guaranteed.

About the Instructor:
Linda Kash began her professional life at the Second City in Toronto. She has also appeared in a number of plays for Canadian Stage. Linda has co created several shows for TV including My Talk Show, Go Girl!, and The Joe Blow Show, which she also directed. Linda has also taught sketch writing and improvisation for Humber College and in 2009 co-founded The Peterborough Academy of Performing Arts with her late, great husband, actor Paul O’Sullivan, teaching acting, musical theatre, scene study, and voice-over for children, adults, schools, community outreach and through corporate workshops. Linda is primarily known as Canada’s beloved Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Angel, which became one of Canadian advertising’s most successful campaigns. It ran for 16 years.

Stagecraft Series Workshops #4: Grant Writing for Artists 101 with Kate Story
January 11

TTOK and Fleshy Thud are excited to welcome back Kate Story for the last of the Stagecraft Series Workshops: Grant Writing for Artists 101. In this workshop, professional grant writer Kate Story will take you through the steps of applying for arts grants. Visual artists, dancers, theatre artists, photographers, media artists, crafters, musicians, interdisciplinary, this means you! From how to articulate your creative process, to crafting a budget, this workshop will make finding funding for your passion accessible and even fun.

About the Instructor:
Kate Story has been finding funding for artists for over fifteen years. With a high success rate for clients across many disciplines, and a personal arts practice that includes literary arts, theatre, dance, and interdisciplinary collaboration, Kate has a wide-ranging expertise and an ability to speak to the needs of artists, from emerging to established.

Thanks to the City of Peterborough for their assistance in funding this workshop series.