The Makers of Madness

The Makers of Madness

6 – 8 October

The Theatre on King is excited to present The Makers of Madness by Hermann Hagedorn

Featuring an all women and non-binary cast, The Makers of Madness (1914) looks at how war is created through an examination of two nations and the leaders that rule them.

Hermann Hagedorn was a German-American author born in New York City in 1882 and educated at Harvard University, the University of Berlin, and Columbia University. From 1909 to 1911 he was an instructor in English at Harvard. He defied his immigrant father to pursue his dream of being a writer, and published poems, plays, and novels. After meeting former President Theodore Roosevelt, Hagedorn shifted his focus to biography, and produced several biographies of Roosevelt as well as other contemporary figures. Hagedorn served as Secretary and Director of the Theodore Roosevelt Association from 1919 to 1957. Hagedorn died in Santa Barbara, California in 1964

Featuring: Carol Lawless, Di Latchford, Sarah Rudnicki, Leah Bell, Naomi Duvall, Robyn Smith, Meg O’Sullivan, Andreanne Duplessis, Emily Templeman, Natalie Paproski-Rubianes, Lorna Green, Amelia Hansen, Samantha Mansfield, Elizabeth Moody,