Crime City: The Private Detective!

Crime City: The Private Detective!

January 27

It’s the first Crime City of 2018: the thrilling conclusion of The Missing Marshall Saga! In our last episode, we learned that Victor Marshall had left Crime City to join the Army and fight the good fight in The Korean War! But why the abrupt departure? And what to do with Crime City’s new boss, the dastardly Roger Havasham and his host of devilish doppelgangers? You’ve got to show if you want to know!

Following the episode, there will be an in-depth (improvised) interview with the cast of Crime City, moderated by Lester Hhhhawlley! Learn the secrets of what it’s like to work on Crime City, the only – and therefore most popular! – detective drama on the airwaves!

Starring – Adam Martignetti, Andrew Root, Dan Smith, Kenn Gibb, Marsala Lukianchuk, Melanie Dubois, Melissa Post, Mike Judson, Dane Shumak, Meg O’Sullivan

With original music by Adam Martignetti! Crime City is written and produced by Andrew Root!