Emergency #22

Emergency #22

March 22 – 24

For 20+ years, Public Energy has made the Emergency Festival the cornerstone of its support for local artists creating new work.
From experimental theatre to contemporary dance, aerial circus arts, and belly dance, the

Emergency Festival – in its 22nd year – has something for everyone! Feed your adventurous side by checking out one or more of this year’s programs, featuring both newcomers and veterans of Peterborough’s busy performance scene. There are 13 new works distributed over 3 programs in 2 theatres. Enjoy!

Program A at The Theatre on King
Approx. 70 minutes.
March 22 at 8pm, March 23 at 9:30pm, March 24 at 2pm and 6:30pm.
With works by Hermione Rivison, Sarah Rudnicki, Robyn Smith & Bennett Bedoukian, Anne White.

Hermione Rivison
Passings and Partings
Many people are bent on learning to live well. Yet each day brings us nearer to our demise. Joy, the clown, explores the art of dying well and plans for that day – whenever it might be. Created with the assistance of Deb Reynolds and her appraising eye.

Sarah Rudnicki
Mixing elements of belly dance, fusion, street dance, veil work, and masks, Sarah Rudnicki explores the internal battle caused by the choice to show pain. The beauty of quiet strength, that which is soft can be strong. With a company of five dancers (4 trained in middle eastern dance) Pulse looks at our public and private faces, of how we wear invisible wounds.

Robyn Smith & Bennett Bedoukian
The hardest part is beginning, as performer Robyn Smith and percussionist Bennett Bedoukian explore the frustrations, discomfort and ultimate joy in the creative process of collaboration. Unblocking considers the risks we take in creating and the roadblocks that keep us from doing so, featuring both improvised and choreographed movement and sound as the artists weave in and out of their comfort zones alone, and together.

Anne White
Aberdeen is a house, a museum, a set, a family portrait, a fantasy. A current resident of Aberdeen wonders how much longer she can live there. And whether she should be fighting harder to save it.

Other Programming:
Program B at The Market Hall Performing Arts Centre
Approx. 50 minutes.
March 23 at 6:30pm, March 24 at 8pm.
With works by Opal (Jen) Jen Elchuk & Kayla Stanistreet, Mandy Livings, Becca Partington & Wes Ryan, Thomas Vaccaro & Ethan Hinsehlwood.

Program C at The Market Hall Performing Arts Centre
Approx. 65 minutes.
March 23 at 8pm, March 24 at 6:30pm.
With works by Nicole Malbeuf & Nicole Kelly, Leslie Menagh, Old Men Dancing, Charlie Petch, Kate Story. Please note that Program C contains mature content. For more info please see description on web site.