Book Launch for Antilia: Seer and Sacrifice

Book Launch for Antilia: Seer and Sacrifice

August 29

Kate Story launches the second in her fantasy novel series Antilia: Seer and Sacrifice.

In the near future, with the world on the brink of war, the paths of two lonely teens converge. Caught in an uncontrollable current crashing through time and space, Rowan and Ophelia discover that they share a place they thought was the stuff of childhood dreams.
In Antilia there is magic, and humans walk alongside minor gods and mythological beings. But all is not what it seems, and the two are pulled inexorably into a divided realm. Separated and unable to get home, they find that Antilia’s fate and Earth’s are forged together. Can Ophelia and Rowan repair the damage, fulfill their destinies, and save both worlds from annihilation?
Antilia is an epic story of survival and self-discovery.

“You know a good book as soon as you start it. It sings to you and makes an immediate connection. That’s what happened to me with Kate Story’s Antilia. I loved everything about the book.”
– Charles de Lint, author of The Onion Girl and The Wind in His Heart

“I fell in love with Antilia from the first page. With this book, you say to yourself, ‘I’ll just read a bit more,’ and then suddenly it’s three in the morning and you’re sorry because now the story will be over too soon. Kate Story has created an utterly contemporary, exquisitely imagined parallel-world fantasy with a deeply satisfying plot and unforgettable characters (including a few I wish I could forget). Ophelia and Rowan, Pim (oh, Pim!) and Ari, got under my skin and into my heart and stayed there long after the book was done.”
—Holly Bennett, author of The Bonemender, Shapeshifter, and Drawn Away