Grace & Chemistry

Grace & Chemistry

June 19 – 22

Two new short plays by Frank Flynn “Chemistry” and “Grace”
Chemistry and Grace, are bookends with a common theme. These plays are love stories. One a beginning, the other an end. Hearts will flutter and hearts will break.

Chemistry: Love begins somewhere. We call that somewhere, “Chemistry”. It’s that golden moment when two people step out on a limb, vulnerable and longing. Watch sparks fly.

Director – Ryan Kerr.

Grace: Sometimes the richest lessons are taught by the simplest people. Marriage is work. A long marriage is a lifetime of work. Grace shares the triumphs and tragedies of a life filled with unconditional love.

Director – Frank Flynn
Featuring – Sheila Charleton, Lindsay Unterlander, Ange Sorensen, Shannon McKenzie LeBlanc, Mark McGilvray, Samuelle Weatherdon and George Knechtel

Thanks to Theatre Trent for the funding to make this production possible.