Precarious Festival: Art for Introverts 2

Precarious Festival: Art for Introverts 2

November 25

Calling all introverted, socially awkward,
anti-social, occasionally misanthropic creative types!
Art for Introverts 2 with live music by the amazing Wes Grist,
comraderie, and makin’ stuff with Melissa Johnston,
(who is the brainchild behind this event!)

Extroverts are welcome,
but should be accompanied by an introvert.
We will sit together,
make things, write things, interact if we want to,
listen to Wes’ unique and inspiring
musical offerings
and enjoy the gentle comraderie of
other creative introverts
looking for an opportunity to flex
their creative muscle in a safe and comfortable public setting.
Let’s do art

Art for Introverts 2
is the second event offered by me, Justin Million,
and the Show and Tell Poetry Series
as part of my artist-in-residency
with the inimitable and inspiring
Precarious Festival!
I’m just facilitating this one, tho.
We will have our Art Jar out,
so if you like this event
or Wes’ music, or my typewriter noise,
or Melissa’s buttons
or all of the above, please know that all donate moneys
will go directly back
to the Precarious Festival
so we can keep doing cool things
like this!

We will have a whole bunch
of crafty things
if you can’t bring your own
crafty things, but PLEASE bring whatever crafty things
that will make you comfortable
to be out in public so late on a weeknight.
I (Justin Million)
will have my typewriter on hand
because when does one get to bring
a typewriter anywhere
(…other than Dec. 9th

Presented at The Garnet!