Precarious Festival: Waiting for Real Jobs and Rejoinder

Precarious Festival: Waiting for Real Jobs and Rejoinder

November 29 and November 30

Theatre Double Feature II
Featuring innovative new one-act works by cutting-edge artists Elisha May Rubacha and Eryn Lidster.

Waiting for Real Jobs: Two precarious workers struggle to make their family understand the current state of the job market. In an absurdist alternate reality, precarious workers wait eternally for “real jobs.”

Written by Elisha May Rubacha on behalf of Nourish,
Director – Kate Story,
Featuring – Kelsey Powell, Lindsay Unterlander, Di Latchford, Ryan Kerr, and Dan Smith.

Rejoinder: The impetus – animating a stage around an absent performer – becomes a playful exploration of a struggle between a writer and a character who don’t see eye to eye, and the ability of artwork to move us.

Written by Eryn Lidster
Featuring – Ryan Kerr, and Shannon McKenzie LeBlanc

The services of Eryn Lidster were made possible through Theatre Ontario’s Professional Theatre Training Program, funded by the Ontario Arts Council.