Workshop: Voice for Actors 1 + 2

Jan 12 and March 30

Heather Knechtel’s Voice Workshop for Actors explores many of the techniques covered in private vocal lessons such as breath control, projection and support, vocal registers, diction, tonality, posture, correct throat position, as well as the anatomy behind vocal production (diaphragm, larynx, velum, sinuses, epiglottis). Students learn the importance of a proper vocal warm-up, which they learn and practice in class.

Vocal techniques for small vocal groups also include dynamics such as volume and intonation, harmonies, blending, and pitch control. Vocal and stage techniques include presentation and expression, performance stance, elimination of nervous physical movement, as well as visualization exercises.

Heather is an experienced Vocal Instructor, with over 35 years of performance experience across Canada and in the U.S. Her innovative methods have helped hundreds of vocalists and public speakers improve their vocal technique and increase levels of personal confidence.