Laugh Out Loud! (Cry Quietly)

Feb 7 – 8
Feb 14 – 15

Anne Shirley Theatre Company is proud to present “Laugh Out Loud! (Cry Quietly)” Follow a group of twenty-something year olds living in NYC, as they turn to the internet (where else?) to find love. Through a series of wacky and awkward dates, each character learns what they really need and want, in addition to what they can — and can’t — tolerate in a mate. A playful, feel-good evening of theatre that offers a touching and relatable look at the lengths we go to for love.

Director – Mary Grace Murphy

Starring –
Tanner Abramczyk
Jessica Ernest
Tara Worrall
Ceilidh Peters
Anand Kumar
Erin Underhill
Shamus Merkley
Mads Ferris
Raquel Grobe
Taytum Raven-Culliton
Nick Toth
Connie Jordan-Turner