Online Event
June 10-12

Only a writer and performer as gifted as Dan Smith can squeeze so much catharsis into so few minutes. Smith’s script, equal parts absurdist humour and existential dread, directed with laser precision by none other than Kate Story, offers audiences precisely the generosity they need at this point of the pandemic.

The show is only ten minutes long. Ten minutes of tiny, successive bursts of laughter interlaced with the kind of tears that only come from seeing and being seen. From seeing yourself in the face of Other.

Paradoxically, it would seem, the cure for Zoom fatigue is more Zoom. The platform has never felt so intimate. So vindicating.

At The Theatre On King, we appreciate how difficult this ongoing collective trauma has been. This is hard. You’re trying your best. We see you.

We’ve got your back.

Concept – Sarah McNeilly
Writer – Dan Smith
Director – Kate Story
“Stage” Management – Shannon McKenzie LeBlanc