April 1 – 2 (reading)
November 24 – 27
December 1 – 3

Kate Story skillfully weaves Beowulf the epic poem into a humorous, poignant, and honest exploration of her own story growing up the daughter of a famed Newfoundland lexicographer. Anxiety examines the history of the English language and the roots of white supremacy as Kate seeks to understand her place in a modern world seemingly gone mad.

“A powerful, action-packed Beowulf rehash that combines personal revelation with a storytelling alacrity and insight rarely found on stage these days.” -Victoria Ward

Sold out performances

Written and Preformed by – Kate Story
Director – Ryan Kerr
Music composed and adapted – Karol Orzechowski/garbageface

With support from – Marie-Josée Chartier and Patti Shaughnessy
Photos – Andy Carroll

Public Energy