Unexploded Ordnance

Unexploded Ordnance

Nov 9 – 11

Marking Armistice Day, actor/writer Ryan Kerr takes audiences on a journey through World War 1.

Theatre, live music, dance, and projections combine in a truly original and unforgettable multi-media performance.

History comes alive with this action-packed glimpse into the carnage, politics, and art of the period as Kerr weaves together his account of the War with numerous stories: those of his own great-grandfather, a medic in the War; his high school history lessons; his youth as a punk outsider; even the formation of the underground DADA art movement. It all comes together in a moving, funny, thought-provoking show that examines the impact of trauma, and the struggle to heal.

Director – Kate Story
Live music – Bennett Bedoukian
Live music – Curtis Driedger
Projections – Eryn Lidster