Support TTOK: Celebrating Short Film!

Support TTOK: Celebrating Short Film!

July 28

Due to the recent municipal funding cut to TTOK, I (Brendan Fell) and other local filmmakers have chosen to screen some of our work to raise funds for this amazing little independent theatre which shows, among other things, brilliant original productions you can’t see anywhere else.

HELLBOUND TAXI (short film; 10 min) – Written and directed by Brendan Fell, this supernatural thriller was shot on location at Docville Western Town near Newcastle. It tells the story of Steve, a bounty hunter with a demon-possessed car, who must emerge from retirement when his deadliest quarry, a killer named Rossko, escapes from prison. Thankfully, Steve’s car is hungry for the souls of the sinful.

THE LIFE CYCLE CHALLENGE (short film; 8 min) – When John dies, he’s shocked to discover that a surreal game show comes next – and that his social media activity during his life is the key to winning. The stakes: his next incarnation on Earth.

HURTS ME SO BAD (music video by Adam Tario & the Undertones) – When twin brothers with creative differences collide, the results can be delicious. This screening will also feature a short behind-the-scenes with the creators.

WANT (music video by PHYNE aka S.J. Riley & Michael Hayes) – The video for PHYNE’s debut single is an ambitious auditory and visual feast that takes inspiration from the French electronic dance music scene.