A Certain Place Gallery

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Weekend at Bernie Martin’s (at the Garnet)

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Creative Nonfiction workshop

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Kate and Brad rehearsal

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DIY and Disgusting Old Man

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Transforming Trauma workshop

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Words on Fire workshop

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Cinematic Stories workshop

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Skylar directing

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Meat and Potatoes, Life Comes to Resemble

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Songwriting in the Round

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Wordplay Cabaret rehearsal

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Words on Fire!

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Bernie Martin and Falton Mas films

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Benj Rowland and Ben Bruns rehearsal

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Regional Artmaking panel discussion

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Bernie Martin at Evans Contemporary Gallery

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Weekend at Bernie Martin’s (at the Spill) + Words on Fire!

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Wordplay Cabaret

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Transforming Trauma at TTOK

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Film Workshops showcase

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Dark Passage

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22 Remembering Bernie

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