The Theatre On King (TTOK) is Peterborough/Nogojiwanong’s hub for new and risk-taking performance creation, and a centre for diverse arts events.

An intimate black box theatre located in downtown Peterborough, just off of George Street, TTOK offers the community a dynamic space for theatre, dance, film screenings, video shoots, visual art exhibits, music, literary events, and more. TTOK is a laboratory where both professional and amateur artists can explore, learn and hone their skills, and gain encouragement and inspiration.

TTOK is a rental venue. We also develop and deliver a wide range of dynamic artistic programming, and facilitate new artistic partnerships in the community, while also nurturing emerging artists. TTOK has established itself as an essential part of Peterborough’s arts and culture infrastructure. Su Ditta, ED of Electric City Culture Council, affirms, “The facility plays a central role in our cultural life in the City as a creator, presenter and community builder.”

TTOK is an accessible venue for the arts. We provide the catalytic atmosphere, flexible creation and production infrastructure, and cooperative system of mutual support, critique, and hands-on production capacity that artists need to make great work.

TTOK offers a wide spectrum of programming, from original works created and incubated at TTOK to bringing new and exciting artists from elsewhere to Nogojiwanong/Peterborough audiences.

Our activities include, but are not limited to, the creation and presentation of:

  • Theatre productions (classical, contemporary, experimental)
  • Dance and movement-based performances
  • Film screenings and literary events
  • Workshops and educational programs for adults and youth
  • Multi-arts festivals and interdisciplinary collaborations
  • Community partnerships and outreach programs


Image: Andy Carroll

TTOK has completed 11 successful years of year-round programming. Opening in 2013 as an intimate, simple, low maintenance 30-40 seat black box theatre, the space is easily transformable for many types of presentations: classes, readings, workshops, dances, rehearsals, performances and more. It is an experiment, a laboratory where artists at all stages of their careers are able to explore, learn and hone their skills, encourage and inspire each other, and create a sense of community.

The experiment continues. Thanks to a dedicated group of wonderful volunteers, both on and off the stage, and to a growing local audience of devoted small-theatre lovers, TTOK has managed to see over 3000 audience members through the doors each year (excepting the pandemic!), no small feat in a space which seats 30-40 maximum.

TTOK eagerly looks forward to the future with anticipation and quiet hope.