Anxiety (2023)

September & 9

Kate Story’s one-person rampage of a show returns, on its way to Newfoundland to kick off the prestigious Festival of New Dance! If you saw it before, here’s your chance to see it again. If you missed in last November, now is the time! Let’s send Kate off in style.

“A performance in movement and spoken word, Anxiety is not one but a multitude of stories, woven and folded together as intricately as a Celtic knot… Like the clash of Tibetan cymbals, or an opera in a foreign tongue, there is no way to understand it. I give in to heightened drama; I let it wash over me like a storm surge. Anxiety is a rampage… She is the ancient bard, recanting the exploits of heroes, kings and queens. She is the babysitter with a sheet over their head who makes us believe in monsters and ghost stories. She embodies the sailor aboard a keeling ship in a freezing, stormy sea; she is a sexy, slinky chain-smoking dragon, then a swamp monster “descended from bloodstains.” Last but not least, Story draws parallels between white supremacy and the symbols of Viking warriors and Norse myths, the allegiance to elegiac mysteries wrapped in a cloak of macho violence.“ [Trout In Plaid]

Photo by Andy Carroll

Written and Preformed by – Kate Story
Director – Ryan Kerr
Music composed and adapted – Karol Orzechowski/garbageface