Precarious3 is thrilled to offer a creative writing program in partnership with the John Howard Society’s Aspire Program.The Aspire program aims to support young adults, aged 17 – 25, in achieving their training and employment goals through mentorship.  We believe that supportive relationships are instrumental in achieving these goals despite the many barriers that young adults may face as they enter the world of training and careers.

Aspire writing prompts

has that been washed?

will you snuggle in?

are you thirsty?

–       Hilary Wear

Write something that stems from a hard fact, like a statistic, or very specific truth.

–       Justin Million

what is better to have: a tonne of feathers or a tonne of bricks?


Write about a story from your family history that continues to have an impact on you today. How have the choices made by the people who raised you in the past shaped your present? How do you understand those choices differently than they might have when they were made? 

– Jon Hedderwick      

Other fun prompts (also from Jon):

It’s been said that nothing good happens after 3:00 am. Pick a time of day and write a piece about all the things that happen at that time. How does time affect your relationship to these events. For example, a phone call at 3:00 pm is very different from a phone call at 3:00 am. 

Write a piece that uses Malapropism. Ricky from the Trailer Park Boys is the master of malapropisms. A malapropism is when similar-sounding words replace the appropriate words in common sayings, usually to be funny. For example, consider these famous Rickyisms, “Friends with the Benedicts,” or “Get two birds stoned at once,” or “Make like a tree and f#¢k off!”

That last time I spoke to you… 

Write naked… or not. Changing the way we dress, can change the way we think, feel and even write. Dress up, put on a costume, or strip down and see what comes to mind.  

Write a piece that uses procatalepsis; anticipate a reader’s objection, identify and respond to it before it can be raised.