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Dec 9 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

December 9, 5 and 7pm: Urchin
Come help Kate Story launch her newest novel, YA historical fantasy Urchin!

5pm virtual launch:


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7pm in person at TTOK 


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Listed in the Globe and Mail’s Children’s Book Gift Guide…/article-books-are-a…/

CBC ranks it in 22 Canadian YA books to watch out for

Kirkus Reviews calls it “a sprawling, lyrical historical fantasy”

Writing titan Lisa Moore calls it “electric with magic, glittering language, and high-wire tension. Story’s protagonist, non-binary Dor, is a brave spy and adventurer who soars off the page, out the window, through the gloom to the wonderfully terrifying kingdom of the fairies, on a wild quest to save her mother who has been led astray by the little people. This masterful coming-of-age tale is alive with energy and insight, charged with passion and wit. Here’s a queer, ultra-modern, historic St. John’s, where scientific advancement smacks up against potent magic and ancient lore. Sparks fly. Prepare to be zapped with high voltage suspense and megawatts of fun. Prepare to be spellbound.”


Can’t make it to the in-person launch? Order Urchin through the publisher, Running the Goat Books and Broadsides 

Urchin : Book Launch
Dec 9 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Author Kate Story launches latest novel Urchin!

About this event

They say Dorthea’s family is cursed. The house built by Great-Great-Grandfather on the Southside Road has never been at peace. Old people say it lies on a fairy path – a gateway to the world of the Little Strangers.

All Newfoundland is enthralled when Marconi arrives with a wireless telegraphy team. Dor takes on a new identity as newspaper errand boy Jack, and joins the famous experimenter on Signal Hill. Becoming Jack is a profound personal awakening. But Jack also discovers that Marconi has a secret mission: receiving the first wireless trans-Atlantic radio signal. And this new technology is wreaking havoc on the Little Strangers.

Then Dor’s mother disappears. Has she been kidnapped in revenge? Will Jack be forced to sabotage Marconi’s experiments to save her?

Dancing between the hidden realm of fairylore and the dynamic world of early 20th-century scientific innovation, Urchin is an exuberant story of self-discovery.

All in-person attendees must provide proof of double vaccination

Can’t make the in-person launch? There will be a virtual launch at 5pm on The Theatre on King’s YouTube channel


Buy Urchin online:

Food of My People book launch
Dec 20 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Eating is a symbolic and magical act–a transformation, a covenant, a ritual, a comfort, a necessity–but all through history, food-themed stories have also had their dark sides. Food can be integral to the magic, the meetings, and the processes of fantastical fiction: from myth and legend to high fantasy, from hard-science speculative fiction to post-modern magic realism, from Hansel and Gretel to Soylent Green, from Persephone to 2001, from Alice in Wonderland to Alien. In this anthology, Ursula Pflug and Candas Jane Dorsey, two award-winning senior writers of literary speculation, have gathered a range of speculative writing that recognizes both our attraction to the candy coating and our fascination with the poisoned apple. Paired with each story is a recipe, real or fantastical, for food mentioned in the story: consume at your own risk! Published by Exile Editions. Come join local authors Ursula Pflug, Joe Davies, Tapanga Koe, Elisha Rubacha and Kate Story!