Cut and Paste Digital Theatre Project

Fundraiser for TTOK Supported by Public Energy Performing Arts
Directed, edited and produced by Eryn

Get involved in this new fundraiser for The Theatre on King! The Cut and Paste Project is an experiment in quarantine theatre, a play filmed entirely at home by actors in isolation. There are many ways to get involved:

1) We are looking for a script with suggestions due this Friday. (complete)
2) We are looking for performers. To take part you will need a phone camera or a webcam – some way to film yourself at home!
3) You can join us for the screening! Footage will be edited together into one cohesive work with all proceeds going to The Theatre on King.

Read on for more information about how you can take part in the Cut and Paste Theatre Project, or if you’d like to support The Theatre on King right now, head here and be sure to specify the fund as The Theatre on King.

Step 1: Choosing a Script Please make suggestions! (Send to Ideally the show would have a medium to large cast, but we are open to anything. What would you like to see? If we all put our heads together we are sure that we will find something super fun and interesting. ONE RULE: because of the amount of changes to the script required to adapt to this format, the script must be in the public domain! This means that its copyright has expired, and in Canada this typically happens 50 years after the death of the work’s creator. Script suggestions will be accepted until April 17th. 
Step 2: Finding Performers Please let us know if you are interested in participating. (Contact Eryn at You have time to think about it. Once the script is announced, you will have a few days to decide if you are interested in performing. The show should be cast around the end of the month.
Rules for Participating PerformersYou will receive a script with your part and notes about the shots to be taken. You may consult Eryn regarding technical and performance notes, and she will be available to direct and record you digitally, but you will not be able to see what your costars have done until the video is cut together. You should not rehearse, line read with, or contact your fellow performers. In fact, ideally you will not know who else is cast in the show.You will need a webcam or phone camera in order to film yourself as a part of this project. 
Step 3: Join the screening!Once all the footage is gathered, Eryn will compile it and we will screen the show for all of you and your friends to see. The event will be co-hosted by Public Energy Performing Arts as a fundraiser for The Theatre On King. We will be collecting donations from viewers to the digital theatre.In honour of the experimental atmosphere of TTOK – which we are all missing – this is an experiment! As such, we don’t have an exact timeline yet, but as always, once the process is underway things will become more clear. We will post updates as we go so stay tuned. Keep an eye out for screening details, and tell your friends! Join the conversation and share your ideas on social media by including #cutandpastettok to your posts.If you have any questions about this project please contact Eryn Lidster at cutandpaste@publicenergy.caKeep an eye on our web page for details about how to watch the show.