garbageface (November 1-7)

Musician garbageface (Karol Orzechowski) looks at various ways musicians are supposed to be earning money – downloads, streaming, physical sales, live performance – creating a physical/performative representation, and writing a piece to accompany the installation.

garbageface (aka karol orzechowski) is a musician, writer, and sound installation artist based in Peterborough, Ontario. Through over a decade of projects and community-building activities, he has built a body of work that explores subjects both deeply personal and political. Since 2009, he has put out more than a dozen releases, ranging from ambient, digital-only field recording EPs to conceptual rap LPs about Eastern European folklore. In that time, he’s also toured the U.S. and Canada numerous times, clocking over 335 shows at present. 

“In A TONNE OF FEATHERS // A TONNE OF BRICKS garbageface dives deep into the economics of music rental (aka streaming) — now the dominant form of music industry revenue — through a sound installation & marathon reading, infographic posters, and the printed word. On Friday, November 5th from 5pm-9pm, and Saturday, November 6th from 12-8pm, garbageface will run a sound installation with different sounds representing different forms of music revenue, set to a background drone tapestry and topped with garbageface reading interviews with Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek and visuals provided by bad mayor. At these performances, there will be two risograph-printed infographic posters available for purchase, as well as a zine going deeper into the subject matter. 

Admission is free / cash PWYC, and guests are welcome to spend as much or as little time in the installation / reading as they wish. Must be double-vaxxed and masked. Posters and zines will be available for $7 each, or $15 for the set of all three.”

Event info HERE