Hilary Wear

Hilary Wear (November 22-28)

Throughout their week in residence, Hilary and collaborator; Sarah McNeilly will be offering other drop-ins

Qi Gong ( via YOQI teachings) 9 am daily open drop in and bonus open rounds Wed noon and Fri 6pm

Game of Many Things (LIVEPLAY!) 3 open drop ins: Mon 9:30am, Wed 12:30 pm, Fri 6:30 pm

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Hilary Wear collaborates with theatre artist Sarah McNeilly, to develop… could be some SealWoman and environmentally is most likely Gnabby Boomer’s, helping fill TTOK with particulars. Presented: live, sometimes with performer(s) present, in reserved receptions: or other methods.

Hilary Wear is a theatre artist and a Métis woman. Hilary writes and performs site -specific Clown turns; stages text and/or movement-based pieces; collaborates in co-creations and devising; and works for others as an actor. Hilary facilitates inter-generational cooperative games groups focused on fun and Anishinaabemowin. Hilary is an accredited Therapeutic Clown(s) for paediatric & geriatric healthcare clients, hoping to also go into prisons… for a few hours a week. Hilary has spent the Covid seasons creating employment and working to eradicate the invasive species that have colonized the Michi Saagig Anishinaabeg territory lands for which she shares responsibility, in Peterborough County.

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