Listen much : Mack ray with sarah de carlo

January 24th, 2024

Sarah DeCarlo is a local singer/ songwriter whose previous releases include Whisper in Your Ear (2012) and Bubble Wrapture (2016) She also participated in the Another Tool in the Shed songwriting residency, which can be viewed at

Mack Ray’s (Jordan Mack) new record is loaded with the kind of songs that feel personal and raw in the best way. Recorded in Chicago with Steve Albini (PJ Harvey, Nirvana, The Pixies) the recordings match the songs in their rawness and intimacy. No frills. No digital studio magic. Just the sound of one man wrecking your preconceived idea of what a solo artist can be. Mack has already lived a few lives rolled into one. From screaming his lungs out fronting rock and roll bands, to moving to Nashville to write on music row, then coming home to Canada only to hop in the van and tour North America screaming his lungs out in rock n roll again. The journey to finding yourself isn’t straight or smooth. There are ugly moments along the way. How long does it take? Who cares. When it finally happens, it’s worth it.