As we emerge into a post-pandemic world, have we forgotten how to listen? Have we forgotten how to “audience” after endless zoom calls? If you are interested in hearing concerts far from the madding tavern gig and really LISTENING then LiSTEN MuCH! is for you.

LiSTEN MuCH! is a new quarterly/seasonal/when we feel like it music series hosted by The Theatre on King and curated by Charlie Glasspool. The series aims to present professional music/sound performances in an up close, in your ear environment. 

Upcoming Events

Wax Mannequin
Tuesday June 27 @ 8pm

TTOK and L!STEN MuCH! are thrilled to present a totally unique artist with a widespread cult following. Wax Mannequin creates interfaces with listeners outside of style or convention, fusing heavy riffs with ornate prog arrangements, anthemic pop hooks, and dark humour with a spirit of compassion. Wax Mannequin (a.k.a. Chris Adeney) has forged a uniquely absurdist approach to indie rock. The Hamilton, ON-based musician’s occasionally confrontational live performances see Adeney’s music veer from scrappy prog oddness and distressed folk to absurdist stadium metal, all with a dark humour that borders on outright Dadaism. Beneath the unsettling imagery and musical left turns there is a steady questioning of life’s inherent strangeness and his own neuro-divergent experience. He has appeared on thousands of pub, gallery and festival stages worldwide.
Absolutely not to be missed!! $20 or PWYC

Past Events