Precarious Events

Friday November 1, 4pm at Sapphire Room (137 Hunter St. W.)
PRECARIOUS LAUNCH   Join us for our family-friendly Festival Launch.
Featuring Steelburner. Pay what you can

Friday November 1, 7pm at various locations
First Friday  Precarious Artist involvement tba!

Throughout the festival at The Theatre On King (TTOK, 171 King Street)
Precarious Too   Step into the Precarious Too videobooth! Janette Platana invites you to share your tales of precarity: your video story will be shared on the Precarious website. Look for Precarious Too times on [Precarious website], on FB, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Sunday Nov 10-Thurs Nov 14 at TTOK
A Little More Red   Victoria Ward and Ann Jaeger present a convivium on Marxism,
precarity, art, data mining, performance, and cake. TTOK will be open to the public 1-3pm each day for free talks and workshops, and 4-5pm for a drop in salon. Write a manifesto, make a banner, and explore activism in the arts! Follow us on Twitter and check for details. FREE

Wednesday November 13 & 14, 8pm at TTOK
A Little More Red   Public presentation by Victoria Ward, part performance/part
findings from Ward and Ann Jaegerís week-long residency. Performance features
Kate Story and Ryan Kerr. Pay what you can. 

Saturday November 16, 7-9:30pm at TTOK
Living Archive   Join The Trent Centre for Women and Trans People! Enter an immersive
installation of text, music, video and voice focused on the activism work of feminists at Trent from 1964 to present. See how the Centre has survived decades of name changes, management hand offs, political pressure and budget cuts without sacrificing our
commitment to the community. Pay what you can

Monday November 18, 8pm at The Garnet (231 Hunter St. W.)
Down ní Out Revue   A music and poetry revue of celebrated and unsung working class singers, songwriters, poets. Chris Conway and Justin Million will also be improvising songs and spoken word pieces throughout the event. FREE

Tuesday, November 19, 7pm at TTOK
Seeding Possibility in a Precarious Landscape   We live in an increasingly precarious world. To move beyond survival, we need to better understand what precarity looks like in our community and assess avenues to transform this reality. Arts worker Anne White will speak from her lived experience, City staffer Nancy Fischer will share the Precarious Employment Research Initiativeís findings, and Nourishís JoÎlle Favreau will highlight the impacts of precarity on food insecurity, as well as possible policy solutions, including a
basic income. Co-presented by Nourish Peterborough. FREE

Friday November 22, 8pm and Sat Nov 23, matinee 2pm, evening 8pm at TTOK
Theatre Double Feature   Featuring thrilling new one-act works by top-drawer artists
Hilary Wear, and Anne White and Naomi Duvall. $15 or Pay what you can.

sussing the scales- works in progress   Hilary Wear shares her Precarious2 Residency work:  to find, tune, and trial gestures, expressions and soundings of dissonant yet connected emotional states (joy-grief, pride-humility, shame-righteousness) through Clown(s).

Tips for the Late Shift   I took the late shift, I always end up taking it. Theyíve been playing the same song every hour and my brain just repeats the chorus! Iíll try to get off in an hour and meet you then. I am exhausted. I could use a shower. I NEED to dance. (featuring music collaboration with Em Minthorn.) NOTE: This show contains flashing/strobe lights and very loud music (through speaker system). Earplugs will be provided to each audience member at the door. 

November 23, 10am-4pm at Nogojiwanong Friendship Centre (580 Cameron St.)
Grantwriting 3.0: Grantwriting for Indigenous Artists & Curators
See ìWORKSHOPSî for description. 

Monday November 25, 11am-4pm at Art Gallery of Peterborough (250 Crescent St.)
Re-Presenting Ourselves as Treaty Peoples   See ìWORKSHOPSî for description. 

Monday November 25, 5-7pm at Artspace (378 Aylmer St. N.)
Why  We  Do  This  Work, Here and Now   A conversation moderated by Jenn Cole (mixed-ancestry Algonquin) with Jill Carter (Anishinaabe/Ashkenazi) and Olivia Whetung. Why do this work at this time? Moderated by Jon Lockyer. Presented by Artspace. FREE

Monday, November 25th, 8pm at The Garnet
Art for Introverts   Calling all introverted, socially awkward, anti-social, occasionally misanthropic creative types! Extroverts are welcome, but should be accompanied by an introvert! Music, craft, and gentle social interaction available, but feel free to bring
your own artistic apparatuses! FREE 

Tuesday November 26, 7pm at TTOK
Iím still here:  Precarity, Aging and Life with Art   What is precarious about old age? Speakers will talk from their lived and work experiences about connection, laughter,
exploring, and care, challenging expectations about precarity and aging. Join in a
conversation about how the artsówithout ignoring the gritóopen up avenues to
connect, laugh, delight, and offer ease in late life. Hosted by Sally Chivers, Director
of the Trent Centre for Aging & Society, with panelists Susan Braedley (Carleton
University), Shelley King (Artful Connections), Janna Klostermann (Carleton University), and Shannon McKenzie (TTOK). Co-presented by Trent Centre for Ageing and Society. FREE. Snacks provided!

Wednesday November 27, 12-2 at TTOK
Hilary Wear: Clown Play   See ìWORKSHOPSî for description!

Friday November 29, 8pm, and Sat Nov 30, matinee 2pm, evening 8pm at TTOK
Theatre Double Feature II   Featuring innovative new one-act works by cutting-edge artists Elisha May Rubacha and Eryn Lidster. $15 or Pay what you can.

Waiting for Real Jobs: Two precarious workers struggle to make their family understand the current state of the job market. In an absurdist alternate reality, precarious workers wait eternally for ìreal jobs.î Written by Elisha May Rubacha on behalf of Nourish, directed by Kate Story, featuring Kelsey Powell, Lindsay Unterlander, Di Latchford, Ryan Kerr, and Dan Smith. 

Rejoinder: The impetus ñ animating a stage around an absent performer ñ becomes a
playful exploration of a struggle between a writer and a character who donít see eye to
eye, and the ability of artwork to move us. By Eryn Lidster, featuring Ryan Kerr and
Shannon McKenzie. The services of Eryn Lidster were made possible through Theatre
Ontarioís Professional Theatre Training Program, funded by the Ontario Arts Council.

Monday December 2, 7pm at TTOK
Pushback   The ReFrame Film Festival and GreenUPís NeighbourPLAN Program present
Pushback directed by Matthew Hayes and produced by Jon Hedderwick. Against the backdrop of the coming winter, this documentary intimately chronicles the lives of five people connected to the Warming Room – a homeless shelter of last resort – as they search for housing, security, and new hope. A discussion with the filmmaker and special guests will follow. FREE

Tuesday December 3, 8pm at The Garnet
Kitchen Talks   Everyday people educating everyday people on everyday things. Picture a
ten minute presentation on Super Mario Bros 1… yes, that obscure… and fun!  FREE 

Thursday December 5, 7pm at TTOK
Bawaajigan Book Launch ~ Dream Stories by Indigenous Writers  Exile Editions launches new anthology: Bawaajigan ~ Stories of Power, edited by Nathan Niigan Noodin Adler and Christine Miskonoodinkwe Smith. Bawaajigan ñ an Anishinaabemowin word for dream or vision ñ is a collection of short fiction featuring dream-worlds by Indigenous writers from across Turtle Island, ranging from the gritty and gothic, to the hallucinatory and prophetic. Readings from Lee Maracle, Katie Jo Rabbit, Nathan Niigan Noodin Adler, Christine Miskonoodinkwe Smith, and Karen Lee White … followed by a Q&A and music. Food and soft drinks from Pow Wow CafÈ. Presented by Exile Editions and the Pow Wow CafÈ. FREE

Friday December 6, 7pm at Atelier Ludmila Gallery
(129 1/2 Hunter St. W second floor) Dream House   An interactive installation with artist Laurel Paluck. TASS students and community members explore the past and future ways people have ñ and hope to acquire ñ stable
housing. The installation will be on display during the December First Friday Art Crawl and throughout December. 

Other Precarious artist First Friday involvement tba!

Sunday December 8, noon-2pm at TTOK
Hilary Wear: Clown Play
See ìWORKSHOPSî for description!

Monday December 9th, 8pm-close at The Garnet
KEYBOARDS! FAMILY! CHRISTMAS!   Back for one night only, KEYBOARDS!:
Justin Millionís live-typewriting poetry show continues itís tradition of hosting a
Christmas poetry-vaganza, and heís bringing lots of friends with him. A yule experience
unlike any other! FREE 

Tuesday December 10, 7pm at TTOK
WORK, WORK, WORK x 2: A Roundtable Discussion on EC3ís Status of the Artist
Research Project What is life like for artists living in Peterborough? This EC3 Cultural
Incubator breaks down and contextualizes the results of the Status of the Artist survey,
conducted during Precarious Festival 2017. With panelists Su Ditta (EC3); Anna Currier
(Research Lead); Kate Story (EC3 Board and Project Advisor); Annie Jaeger (Culture Critic), and more! Co-presented by the Electric City Cultural Council (EC3). FREE

Wednesday December 11, 7pm at TTOK
Scribe, Speak, Share: Spoken Word Mentorship Showcase   8 aspiring youth writers.
4 professional spoken word artists. Through a mentorship program offered in partnership
with the Aspire Program, youth writers learn to give emotional and spiritual shape to
abstract ideals, explore deep meaning in the mundane, and hone their craft. This program supported by the City of Peterborough. Co-presented by the Peterborough Poetry Collective. $10 or Pay what you can.

Thursday December 12, 7pm at TTOK
Precarious Panel II: Life Under Ford    Doug Ford, elected on a promise of government
ëfor the people,í has cancelled a planned increase in the minimum wage, cut short the
Basic Income pilot project, and made damaging cuts to student aid. The panel will feature a diverse set of speakers tracing the ways Fordís policies affect a wide range of people and communities: Ethel Nalule (TCSA Vice President of Health and Wellness), Leina Amatsuji-Berry (co-Editor-in-Chief of Arthur), Jason Hartwick (Chair of Basic Income Peterborough Network) and David Tough (VP Unit 1 CUPE 3908). Co-presented by CUPE 3908. FREE 

Friday, December 13, noon-8pm at 165 King St.
some of yr friends are already this fucked. garbageface explores the existential precarity of the music industry, and the literal precarity of wooden planks. An 8-hour shift performance, along with an accompanying publication (subtitled: The Problem With Music). FREE 

8pm at TTOK
The Residents: What We Found.

Precarious Artistic Residents Jon Hedderwick, Ann Jaeger and Victoria Ward, Justin Million, Laurel Paluck, and Hilary Wear present their findings after deep dives into investigating precarity over the course of the festival. Come witness and participate in their results! $15 or Pay what you can.

Saturday December 14, 11am-5pm & Sunday December 15, 11am-4pm at TTOK
Focus Fair   Make this a local, handmade holiday! A wide variety of treasures, handcrafted by local artists, artisans, gardeners, craftspeople and community members. Support Local Artists. Enjoy Holiday Cheer. Shop Downtown Peterborough. 

Wednesday December 18-Sat December 21, 8pm at TTOK
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians   Staged reading/radio play style performance based
on the B film of the same name! When the ruler of Mars decides that the children of Mars are under the influence of too much pop culture from Earth, he orders the kidnapping of Santa Claus. But two Earth kids are also nabbed, complicating things. Planet 12 Productions is a
not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing a variety of theatre opportunities for
youth and (sometimes) adult performers. $15 or Pay what you can.