The Theatre on King strives to be a space in which artists can afford to fail. Rental rates are kept as low as possible and vary depending on the type of event scheduled (workshops, rehearsals, presentations, cabarets, full theatre productions, film screenings, etc.).

A small independent black-box theatre, The Theatre on King (TTOK) is a versatile space. Everything within the space is movable which allows for multiple configurations of the audience. Our sprung floor is made up of 4 x 8 Masonite panels with interlocking foam underneath. If you are looking for an open space for your event, the audience can be removed for standing room only.

Standard Set-up

Seats: 37
Stage dimensions: 30′ x 12′

Standard +

Seats: 47
Stage dimensions: 25′ x 12′

Corridor Style

Seats: 42
Stage dimensions: 30′ x 9 1/2′


Seats: 28
Stage dimensions: 20′ x 10′

Raised stage

Seats: 28 (with the option to add 10)
Stage dimension: 9′ x 8′

If you have an event and need more information, please email: