The Joy of Bob

Bob Ross was an American painter and art instructor best known as the creator and host of The Joy of Painting. The Joy of Bob welcomes guest painters of any skill level to try to keep up with the master. Remember: no mistakes, just happy accidents!

The Joy of Bob, featuring Paul Nabuurs, Kate Story, and Quinn Ferentzy – August 29th, 2016
Photos by Ryan Kerr.

The Joy of Bob 2, featuring Dianne Latchford, Melanie Dubois, and Jennifer Chowns – September 27th, 2016
Photos by Andy Carroll.

The Joy of Bob 3, featuring Annie Jaeger, Victoria Ward, and Eryn Lidster – April 5th, 2017
Photos by Andy Carroll

The Joy of Bob 4, featuring Andrew Root, John Marris, and Adam Martignetti – May 18th, 2017
Photos by Andy Carroll