Upcoming Events

Jon Hedderwick
January 25-28, 2023 @8pm
$20 or PWYC. Tickets on sale now.

Trapped in the subterranean afterlife of ancient Sumeria, the once mighty Enkidu lingers between worlds. Tethered to the past by failing memories and unable (or unwilling) to let go, he fades. If he can just remember–if he can assemble the dream house and complete the ritual–maybe the gods will send him a good dream and show him the way back to his life with Gilgamesh.

The much-anticipated performance by poet and performance artist Jon Hedderwick is our first public event in the new year! “Enkidu” features an original score composed and performed by garbageface (a.k.a. karol orzechowski) and is directed by Ryan Kerr and Kate Story.