Upcoming Events:

Ball pit improv: No.4

April 26, 2024 @ 8pm
$20 or pay-what-you-can

Message ticketing@ttok.ca to add your name to the wait-list.
OR try your luck at the door (recommend)!

They’re back, for the fourth round!!! Two talented teams of hilarious improvisers return to the Ball Pit Friday April 26th

The Ball Pit is a thunderdome of improv games and competition with five rounds of back-to-back made-up-on-the-spot hilarity. The audience will vote for the team who brought the most laughs at the end of each round. Only one team can reign supreme as champions of The Ball Pit.

Bring your friends, bring your work buds, bring your comedy-loving lover, have a drink, have a work drink, have a comedy-loving drink and watch Peterborough’s only competitive improv show that is THE BALL PIT.

De-escalation Techniques From a Former Hot Dog Vendor

aPRIL 27, 2024 1-3pm
$5-$20, masking is mandatory

Join us for a vital workshop on de-escalation techniques facilitated by artist and certified instructor in
Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, Charlie Petch.

Built to address situations where, much like any street vendor, escape is not a clear option. Workshop participants will practice how to best manage both themselves, and the person having a crisis. Participants can choose to either observe or participate.

This is a 2 hour workshop which will outline 5 de-escalation tactics and demonstrate some physical elements of de-escalation. If you like to take notes, please do.

Please note that masking is mandatory for this workshop. Thank you.

Pick your own price tickets available online now.
If you are unable to pay online please contact Public Energy by email or phone:
admin@publicenergy.ca / 705-745-1788

Reading the Banned “Eight Men Speak”

by Oscar Ryan, E. Cecil-Smith, H. Francis and Mildred Goldberg

May 1, 2024 @ 8pm
PAY-What-You-Can at the door

In honour of May 1 – International Workers’ Day – TTOK hosts a reading of this rare surviving piece from the Toronto’s Workers’ Experimental Theatre Group. Created in 1933 in an effort to secure the release from prison of Communist party leader Tim Buck and seven comrades, this play was banned immediately after its first performance. “Eight Men Speak” is a sprawling piece of committee-created agit-prop, with over 40 characters ranging from historical figures like Tim Buck and Justice Minister Dufrie to the embodiment of Capitalism and in styles from choral speaking to living newspaper to naturalism.

Directed by Lee Bolton with multiple roles played by 12 of Peterborough’s favourite performers:
Di Latchford, Dan Smith, Kate Story, Dreda Blow, Ryan Kerr, Simon Banderob, Lela Fox-Doran,
Brad Brackenridge, Hermione Rivison, Chance McGuigan, Rebecca Birrell and Matt Gilbert.