A Certain Place: Words on Fire

A Certain Place: Words on Fire

 As part of A Certain Place: The Bernie Martin Festival featuring over 75 local artists, took place throughout downtown Peterborough over the month of November 2016.

November 14

Words on Fire! Spoken Word for Youth presentation

Spoken word artist Ziysah von Bieberstein has been working with youth through the festival, teaching spoken word techniques. Come see the results!

Come burn away your fears with the courageous words of Paiton, Carlo, Sneha Wadhwani, Gay Josephine Valles, Keara Lightning, Kira Patterson, Ela Horwood, Kaia Douglas, and Dakota Bernicky.

Learning from mentors; Sasha Patterson, Lorena Jonard-Snyder, Kate Story and Wes Ryan. And will be supported by the diverse musical contributions of Melissa Baldwin!

In partnership with New Canadians Centre, Niijkiwendidaa Anishinaabe Kwewag Services Circle, Rainbow Youth Program at PARN, and others.