Workshop: Movement Improvisation

Workshop: Voice for Actors 1 + 2

The Mute Canary



Joy of Bob Feb 2019 (All Palette Knife Challenge)

Space Academy – Episode 4: The Zolium Incident!

Stage Combat Workshop with Kenn Gibb

LLAAADS Feb 2019 Show


Workshop: Impulse & Response

Gum & Goo and Heads

Small Dance for a Small Space 2019

Reading: The Twelve Labours of Hercules

LLAADS Greatest Hits 2019


Encuentro Flamenco

Get Loved: Comedy and Radio Storytelling

The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine

Escape from I. Bot

Dave Cave Almost Falling off a Couch for 45 Minutes

LLAADS April 2019 Show


Live Broadcast of 1938 War of the Worlds

LLAADS May 2019 Show

Mystery Science Night: Hamlet

Workshop: Movement meets Poetry


Big Science

FO presents: Hedwig & the Angry Inch

Workshop: Movement Class and Music

Grace & Chemistry

Llaads June 2019 Show!


Adelante – Flamenco – Makeda Benitez, Tamar Ilana, Dennis Duffin

LLAADS July 2019 Show!


Flim Camp Screening

Book Launch for Antilia: Seer and Sacrifice

LLAADS August 2019 Show!


Live Broadcast: Johhny Got His Gun

One Year Since the Move Party

Bernie and Nick

The Semi-Darkness Place

LLAADS September 2019 Show!



Evangeline Gentle

Peter Wildman

The Granddaughter Chronicles

A Night of Standup Comedy

LLAADS October 2019 Show!

Creepy Doll Museum 2019


Unexploded Ordnance 2019

Precarious Festival: A little more red

Murder on McDonnel 4

Feminist Archive

Precarious Festival: Down n’ Out Revue

Precarious Festival: Seeding Possibility in a Precarious Landscape

Precarious Festival: Tips for the Late Shift and Sussing the Scales

Precarious Festival: Re-Presenting Ourselves as Treaty Peoples

Precarious Festival: Why we do this work, here and now

Precarious Festival: Art for Introverts 2

Precarious Festival: I’m still here


Precarious Festival: Kitchen Talks

Precarious Festival: Dream House

Precarious Festival: Play

Precarious Festival: Waiting for Real Jobs and Rejoinder


Precarious Festival Book Launch: Bawaajigan

Precarious Festival: Work Work Work x 2: A Round Table Discussion

Precarious Festival: Scribe, Speak, Share: Spoken Word Mentorship Showcase

Precarious Festival: Life Under Ford

Precarious Festival: The Residents – What We Found.

Precarious Festival: Santa Claus Conquers The Martians!

LLAADS December 2019 Show!

When We Talk About CATS