2020 Alternating Currents

2020 Alternating Currents


In Partnership with Public Energy and Ontario Arts Council

“Alternating Currents (A/C) concretizes Public Energy’s ongoing support for local artists. Peterborough’s independent performance scene is characterized by interdisciplinary methodologies. It is often difficult for regional artists to fully develop new works, for reasons including lack of access to space, resources, training, a substantial pool of peers, and public recognition of their art forms. The primary focus of the Alternating Currents Program is exploration, support, and refinement of specific elements of selected performance works-in-progress. Alternating Currents Program is directed by award-winning dramaturg Kate Story, whose expertise includes more than two decades of direction, choreography, and interdisciplinary creation, particularly in physical performance work. Alternating Currents supports a mix of emerging and established artists with diverse creative backgrounds. Each project will work with an experienced mentor and dramaturge. Artists apply to the program annually and are selected by a jury process.”

2020 Alternating Currents Artists
Brad Brackenridge, Jenn Cole, Ann Jaeger, Anne White

Images sourced from Public Energy

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