Theatre shorts

Theatre shorts

Nov 15 – 18

Theatre Shorts is a night of three short plays, related only by being in some way strange!

In Doldrums, two people are stuck on an island. If they keep looking across the ocean, maybe a ship will come and save them. In the meantime, they’ll each stay on their side of the island, as agreed. Doldrums was written and directed by Tobias Bernstein, and features Naomi Duvall and Kate Story.

In Two-Timing Loaf of Bread, two women find out that they have both been dating the same lying, cheating scoundrel – who also happens to be a loaf of bread. Two-Timing Loaf of Bread was written by Ryan M. Bultrowicz, directed by Kate Story, and features Naomi Duvall and Shannon McKenzie LeBlanc.

Alex Trebek is dead, Jeopardy remains hostless, and a coven of Jabberwockys meet to find his replacement. The fate of the entire galaxy hangs in the balance as we learn the horrifying answer to What is Pumpkin Time? Written and directed by Kelsey Powell, featuring Dan Smith, Steve Smith and Rebecca Birrell.

All three plays will be presented in sequence every night, with a short intermission between the second and third plays.